ENERGETICA Energía Para el Desarrollo
Address: Calle La Paz E-573 entre Antezana y 16 de Julio, Cochabamba, Bolivia | P.O.Box 4964
Phone: Teléfono/Fax: (591) 4-42 53647 / (591) 4-42 53825
Institutional website: www.energetica.org.bo
Contacto person: Miguel Fernandez Fuentes, Director
Contact e-mails: miguel@energetica.org.bo  , daniela@energetica.org.bo
Description: ENERGÉTICA is a civil, private, non-profit development institution that works in the field of sustainable energy on a nation-wide scale in Bolivia. ENERGÉTICA was founded in 1993 reaching 26 years of experience promoting a harmonious development of society by 2019.

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